Last Day to Win $10k to Trick Out Your Ride!

Click here to enter! Trying to get an old clunker back on the road? Rebuilding a vintage motorcycle? Increasing the efficiency of your engine? No matter the style or scope of your automotive project, Liquid Wrench wants to celebrate the creativity, passion, blood, sweat, and tears that goes into tinkering on your ride.

The winning tinkerer will receive $10,000 to make their dream automotive project a reality.

How to enter:

1) Upload a photo of your vehicle as-is.

2) Share a brief description of what you’ve done so far and what you’re looking to accomplish.

3) Share with your friends.

You might be starting your engine sooner than you think!

Click here to enter!


9 Comments To “Last Day to Win $10k to Trick Out Your Ride!”

  • 1979 Ford F-150 shortbed 4×4 needs total restoration

  • What a great opportunity! I just entered the contest. My 70 Mustang would undeniably be tricked out if I won. I would finally be able to finish and modernize my interior. Power windows, headliner, matching gauges? I would finish the efi conversion finally get rid of the ol distributor and dress up the 521 big block. Maybe some air conditioning for the Texas heat, 4 link rear end…e-locker! 10k can go a long way. Take a look and please vote my ride it’s the Cobalt blue 70 mustang!

  • Pat

    Hello,I sure could use the funds to redo the trans-am.I’ve been trying to save the money to do it since high school.Every time there’s a little money saved-it’s needed for family.. Thanks so much,Pat

  • LaCinda

    I just entered, I hope I did it right. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • Steve Morgan

    My COE needs Frame swap, Airbags, Paint, Engine, Trans, Rearend, Glass, Wheels, Tires, Gauges, Electrical, New Bed and with Friends and Funds it can happen !! Thanks for your support Steve

  • Chris Guetler

    HELP!!!! My 1964 Volkswagen Microbus needs lots of love and cash. It used to be a race car in the mid 80′s for Bugformance in California.I would love some help to get it back on the streets.Please vote for my old VW.

  • Vote for my 1963 orvair its been on blocks for a year now and my dads getting tired of using it as a bird feeder =P

  • Hey Carl! Sounds like a worthy project. To enter, please follow the process here: http://www.tinkernation.com/rideeasy/ or click on the link “click here to enter” in the above post.

    Thanks for joining the conversation!

  • Carl

    My 1988 944 Porsche needs seats reupholstered and a respray but just can’t find the funds to get it done.
    Please help, Carl

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